About Me

In this blog there will be pictures from my artwork that I have completed through my senior year of AP art. I enjoy drawing pictures of landscapes and nature. My concentration theme is the Appalachian Trail which I have actually hiked much of.

Friday, October 28, 2011


In this piece of art I choose to do newspaper. The picture is of a girl whose face is in newspaper as well as some words in the background. The background is black to pop the face out more to give it a greater color value. I had fun doing this piece of art because it was something different and made you think harder while doing it.

Glass covered by fabric

In this piece of art I did a pencil drawing of a glass with fabric draped over it. The fabric displays converging lines which help draw your eyes towards the glass. The The curved lines that spiral up the glass help lead your eye once again to the top. I used pencil to help emphasis the dark and lights.

No Strings Attached

This piece of art is made from pencil. The theme of this work was to create something interesting with a different view than the usual. I picked doing a guitar but from a different angle and perspective than most people would view it from. I choose doing a black background so the contrast on the guitar would pop out rather than not being as exciting. I enjoyed doing this piece of art because I found it interesting and fun to do.