About Me

In this blog there will be pictures from my artwork that I have completed through my senior year of AP art. I enjoy drawing pictures of landscapes and nature. My concentration theme is the Appalachian Trail which I have actually hiked much of.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pastel Waterfall

10x10 1/2 
In this peice of art I used both Pastel and Watercolor for my medium. I first painted the watercolor on to give it more color and contrast as a base. I did not use detail in the watercolor but only plane shades of colors. On top I detailed the watercolor with pastel in different colors such as violet, dark blue, brown, different shades of green white, and gray. For the waterfall I made the water look like it was cascading downwards with the different shades of brown, blue, and green I mixed into the water. This is a picture of a spring along the AT.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Wild flower

In this peice of art I used pastel pencils. I chose this medium because I wanted to try something new and the colors blend well the the different color values in the flowers. These flowers are called rhododendrons which grow in east Tennessee along the Appalacian Trail, which turn pink and purple by spring. In this picture the flowers are starting to bloom, showing their shades of pink and purple. The background consisted of dark leaves which I blurred togerther to create more emphasis on the flowers, making them the center of interest.