About Me

In this blog there will be pictures from my artwork that I have completed through my senior year of AP art. I enjoy drawing pictures of landscapes and nature. My concentration theme is the Appalachian Trail which I have actually hiked much of.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Watercolor Sketches

For the piece I painted multiple watercolor sketches. A sketch gives the art more of a spontaneous look and in some cases looks better. I first started by sketching the picture out in pencil and going back in watercolor filling in the picture with different color values and textures. The first picture is of a capital building. I used blue for the building because it gives the building contrast as if shadows were casting down. In the second two I sketched flowers trying out different colors and sizes. For the final piece I sketched a farm house with a variety of colors. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Night Life

12' x 14'
In this piece of art I used watercolor and created a contour drawing of a city at night. I first covered the bottom half on the paper with different colors creating the landscape. After that I outlined the different buildings. Behind the buildings I put a bridge that gives it more of the feeling of a city. In the background I covered it with blue then went back over it in a violet, orange, pink, and yellow to give it the sunset/night look.