About Me

In this blog there will be pictures from my artwork that I have completed through my senior year of AP art. I enjoy drawing pictures of landscapes and nature. My concentration theme is the Appalachian Trail which I have actually hiked much of.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Half way point 2

11 x 10
This piece of art is the same picture as the one before but done in a diferent medium. This is done is watercolor. Personally this piece of art is more lievely and shows more texture than the watered charcole.  The colors show more movement that the hiker is actually going upwards. In watercolor it is easier to shade with the different values of colors. I used more of a blue tint type color for the mountains because the trees in the mountains don't appear green but a darker color.  

Half way point

For this piece of art I used the same medium as the last piece. Charcole that is watered down which gives it a unic texture to the artwork. The setting is along the AT in the north carolina mountains. I chose this medium because it is fast and looks good. The color value of the mountains in the background go from dark to light. I was able to shade places on the man by making the black darker in specific spots.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


11x7 1/2
In this piece of art I used charcoal on watercolor paper. I also used a type of technique in which you water the charcoal which gives it a different texture and visual appearance to the viewer. This is a picture of a waterfall along the AT where a man is wading in the water under it. I chose to do this water charcoal because it was new and looked fun to use.